Working with non-functional government schools

By | 14/04/2010

Dear all,

I have come to know that some non-functional government schools in rural areas of Punjab are taken over by Punjab Education Foundation (PEF). Now PEF is allotting these schools to different NGOs (working in education sector) and persons (experienced educators). As a registered NGO and exactly matching to the requirement of PEF, I think, we must contribute to this campaign. FAQs about this campaign are;

-Building and existing infrastructure (if any) will be available for acquiring party (ex. APPEC).
-Further developments regarding building, infrastructure, etc. is the responsibility of acquiring party.
-Funds will be provided by PEF on basis of number of students that can cover salaries of teachers/staff plus other charges.
-Different training courses for teachers will be organized by PEF.
-Books will be provided free of cost by PEF.
-Only PEF approved syllabus will be followed.
-There will be two assessments every year and if the marks percentages are less than 75% in both tests, the contract may be cancelled.
-Acquiring party will be autonomous to see the matters including appointment of teachers, principal, staff, etc.
-One party can acquire more than 1 school.

I think this is an excellent opportunity for APPEC to contribute towards educating the people of Pakistan. We can set examples of excellence for others. This project will be at no cost to APPEC. Only requirement will be an administrator (volunteer) from us to look after all the activities regarding the school. I offer myself for this (Faisalabad region) if APPEC decides to participate the campaign.

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