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114. Help a poor student from Zhob, Balochistan

By | 13/03/2017

Project ID: APPEC-2017-03-13 APPEC Point person: Muzammil Shahbaz Proposed by: Dr. Afzal Khan (Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Peshawar) Location: Zhob, Pakistan Direct Contact: afzal_khan@upesh.edu.pk , Cell. No. 0344-414 98 79 Summary A poor student from district Zhob, Balochistan is studying in the 1st semester of BS-Electronics (4-years) at the University of Peshawar. His father is a farmer, cultivating… Read More »

113. Help a poor student of BS (Agri) at BZU Multan

By | 30/12/2016

Project ID: APPEC-2016-12-30 APPEC Point person: Muzammil Shahbaz Proposed by: Dr. Nauman Qureshi Location: Multan, Pakistan Direct Contact: mnaumanqureshi at gmail.com Summary An undergraduate student of BS Agriculture at the Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Multan is struggling to complete his last three semesters due to financial constraints. His father has passed away and the family is now dependent on… Read More »

Buying a motor bike for a disabled person

By | 05/01/2016

Project ID: APPEC-2016-01-04 Proposed by: Dr. Nauman Qureshi Contact: mnaumanqureshi@gmail.com Summary: In a small village of District Muzaffarghar, Muhammad A damaged his leg due to Polio in childhood. His earnings comes from a shop annexed to his house. Due to disability, he faces extreme difficulty in conducting business activities, like transporting goods from the wholesale market etc., for his… Read More »

Helping a final year M.Sc Physics Student

By | 06/05/2014

Project ID: APPEC-2014-05-06 Proposed by:        Dr. Afzal Khan, Assistant Professor, Institute of Physics & Electronics, University of Peshawar, Peshawar Contact Detail:     E.mail: afzal76khan@gmail.com, Mobile: +92 344 414 98 79 For donations in Pakistan:        Account title: Afzal Khan, Account # 02500060000048, Branch Code: 0250, Swift Code: FAYSPKKA, IBAN# PK27FBL00060000048, Address: Faysal Bank Limited, University Campus Branch, Peshawar. Summary An M.Sc Physics final year student of the… Read More »

Help a poor student to pay his tuition fee

By | 24/11/2013

Project ID: APPEC-2013-11-24 Proposed by: Dr. Muhammad Asam Riaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, University College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha. Contact: asam.riaz[at the rate]uos[dot]edu[dot]pk, Cell. No. 0333-6629095 Account no: 04230013205901 (HBL, University Branch, Sargodha) (Account ID: Muhammad Asam Riaz S/O Muhammad Riaz Summary I would like to request APPEC donors to help a poor… Read More »

Complimentary Fundraising For Medical Expenses of (Late) Mrs. Sughra Bibi

By | 14/08/2013

APPEC Project ID: APPEC-2013-08-14 APPEC Primary Contact: Mansur KHAN, mansur_volunteer[at]yahoo{dot}com, +92 333 5120075 APPEC is running a complimentary fundraising project for paying the huge medical expenses of (late) Mrs. Sughra Bibi’s treatment for lungs collapse and repiratory system failure, only a couple of weeks after a successful liver transplant operation. Mrs. Sughra Bibi passed away… Read More »

Fundraising For Liver Transplant Operation of Mrs. Sughra Bibi

By | 27/06/2013

APPEC Project ID: APPEC-2013-06-27 APPEC Primary Contact: Mansur KHAN, mansur_volunteer[at]yahoo{dot}com, +92 333 5120075 APPEC Project Page Owner: Waqqas AKHTAR, waqqas_akhtar[at]yahoo{dot}com Update [13-08-2013]. A very sad news: Mrs. Sughra Bibi has passed away. Inna-lillah-aye-wa-inna Ilaiy-hay-Ra’ajayoon. Our deepest condolences for Usman and his family. Usman and his family are left with an enormous hospital bill of over… Read More »

Help a poor patient of renal failure (Phase-II)

By | 25/06/2013

Project ID: APPEC-2013-06-25 Proposed by: Humayun Shahid, Assistant Professor, UET Taxila Contact: humayun.shahid@uettaxila.edu.pk Summary: Upon request of the patient’s son Muhammad Waqas, the APPEC advisory has approved Phase-II of the fund raising. Please see the email below for details and please refer to APPEC-2013-06-05 for details on the Phase-I of the fund raising. The father of a student at UET,… Read More »

Fundraising for Liver Transplant Operation of a School Teacher

By | 28/02/2012

APPEC Project ID: APPEC-2012-02-27 APPEC Primary Contact: Mansur KHAN, mansur_volunteer[at]yahoo{dot}com, +92 333 5120075 Sad News: Sajjad Hussain passed away in the evening of March 25th, 2012. May he be blessed with the highest of place in Paradise. Aameen. Inna lillah-e-wa inna ilayhey ra’ajeoon. This fundraising campaign is now closed. Current Location of Patient: Deceased. Medical… Read More »