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Qarz e hasna to small farmers

By | 21/12/2013

Project ID: APPEC-2013-12-21 Proposed by: Adnan Khan Niazi (University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg France) Location: Layyah and Mianwali Contact: adnan1753 AT yahoo DOT com Summary: This call is to collect funds for Qarz e hasna/ Short term, interest free loans especially to small farmers. “Riba/Sood/Interest/usury” has become a common practice in many fields in Pakistan and… Read More »

Getting to know Pakistan

By | 20/04/2010

Destination Pakistan Click the image (above) to launch a photo tour of Pakistan.   Presentation Pakistan Click the image (above) to launch a slide-based presentation on Pakistan. People of Pakistan Suggestion: Select 480p mode (after clicking play icon) for an enhanced viewing experience.