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Complimentary Fundraising For Medical Expenses of (Late) Mrs. Sughra Bibi

By | 14/08/2013

APPEC Project ID: APPEC-2013-08-14 APPEC Primary Contact: Mansur KHAN, mansur_volunteer[at]yahoo{dot}com, +92 333 5120075 APPEC is running a complimentary fundraising project for paying the huge medical expenses of (late) Mrs. Sughra Bibi’s treatment for lungs collapse and repiratory system failure, only a couple of weeks after a successful liver transplant operation. Mrs. Sughra Bibi passed away… Read More »

Fundraising For Liver Transplant Operation of Mrs. Sughra Bibi

By | 27/06/2013

APPEC Project ID: APPEC-2013-06-27 APPEC Primary Contact: Mansur KHAN, mansur_volunteer[at]yahoo{dot}com, +92 333 5120075 APPEC Project Page Owner: Waqqas AKHTAR, waqqas_akhtar[at]yahoo{dot}com Update [13-08-2013]. A very sad news: Mrs. Sughra Bibi has passed away. Inna-lillah-aye-wa-inna Ilaiy-hay-Ra’ajayoon. Our deepest condolences for Usman and his family. Usman and his family are left with an enormous hospital bill of over… Read More »

Fund Raising for Brain Tumor Operation (Ali Zafar)

By | 23/11/2010

An appeal for donations to help save the life of our friend Ali Zafar. The call for donations has been launched as of now and the donations have started pouring in. APPEC is working in partnership with other Pakistani students and young professionals in three continents. If you have any information/connections to help us organize Ali’s treatment in USA, please send us an email at: contact[at]appec.durabledevelopment.com

Flood relief efforts – Phase: 8 (fund raising in Orleans, France)

By | 30/10/2010

Project ID: APPEC-2010-10-30 ____________________________________________________________________________________ In continuation of APPEC’s flood relief efforts, a group of 4 APPEC members executed an intensive fund raising in Orléans city of France. Mr. Noman JAVED, Mr. RANA Arslan Tariq, Mr. Muhammad KHAN and Mr. Syed Muhammad Noaman Ahmed SHAH, in collaboration with the association for the Pakistani mosques in Orléans, conducted a donation collection… Read More »

Flood relief efforts – Phase: 5 (fund raising in universities in France)

By | 07/09/2010

Project ID: APPEC-2010-09-07 ____________________________________________________________________________________ In continuation of APPEC’s flood relief efforts, the current phase focuses on fund raising in universities. However, individual donations are also welcome and volunteers willing to put their efforts for fund raising at any level are encouraged to bring some liquid to this phase. For details on APPEC’s contribution to flood… Read More »