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By | 18/03/2010


i) a deserving student,
ii) infrastructure
iii) equipment at Namal College.

Sponsor a Student: The scholarship amount for sponsoring a deserving student at Namal College for one year is PKR 200,000.

At Namal College, all applicants are evaluated on the basis of merit, regardless of financial aid requirements.

You may select a successful candidate once the admission decision is finalized.

You may specify the gender of the student if you wish.

The duration of study at Namal College is four years.

Sponsors that donate generous scholarships for a four year period will have a tree planted in their names at Namal College.

Sponsor Infrastructure / Equipment: You may donate generously for the infrastructure and the equipment at Namal College.

For large donations,Namal College may decide to engrave name plate honoring an individual or a collective group of people / organization.

You can pay via Paypal / cheque / direct transfer into Lloyds Bank Account

Lloyds TSB Bank Plc, Eastern Branch, White chapel High St, E17PH
Account Name: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf
Account no: 00191424 ; Sort code: 30-92-90

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