Flood relief efforts – Phase: 6 (fund raising in Germany)

By | 09/09/2010
Project ID: APPEC-2010-09-09


In continuation of APPEC’s flood relief efforts, this phase focuses on fund raising efforts by volunteers from Germany.

For details on APPEC’s contribution to flood relief work, please explore posts on earlier phases of our fund raising campaign (under projects and success stories). A detailed understanding of APPEC projects could be achieved by going through the success stories section on this website.

The president or an executive member of the association may be contacted if any customized authorizations are required.

How to donate?



Current status of donations (updated 12.09.2010): EUR 2918.75/=

Some important efforts include:

EUR 2436/= – Kaiserslautern Germany Muslim Community

EUR 482/= – Kaiserslautern Germany Muslim Community

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact treasurers.appec@gmail.com, to confirm if your donation(s) could actually be accommodated.

4 thoughts on “Flood relief efforts – Phase: 6 (fund raising in Germany)

  1. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    Transfer of the collected funds has been initiated to APPEC representative in Pakistan (Dr. Sajjad Hussain), who will execute the transactions to a set of volunteers for eventual distribution to the victims. Ordre de transfert is available at APPEC.

  2. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    Dear friends,

    This is the project completion notification for Flood Relief Efforts (Phases I-VI). With the generous support received from all over the world, APPEC was able to raise a handsome figure of 42,826 Euro. The details can be tracked via following link:http://www.durabledevelopment.com/appec/category/success-stories/

    The project was carried out in six different phases that are summarized below:

    Phase I: EUR 5459/=
    major source: Regular APPEC donors

    Phase II: EUR 3360/=
    major source: Fund raising in Finland by Finish Pakistani Friendship Organization (FPFO)

    Phase III: EUR 10,000/=
    major source: Fund raising in mosques in Orléans, France

    Phase IV: EUR 6990 + 11707
    major source: Fund raising in mosques during Eid-ul-Fitar in FranceÂ

    Phase V: EUR 2392/=
    major source: Fund raising in universities in France

    Phase VI: EUR 2918/=
    major source: Fund raising in Kaiserslautern, Germany

    APPEC would like to extend gratitude to everyone for generous donations and selfless efforts. Despite the collection of such a huge amount, the project would have remained in vain without the tiring efforts of Signalianz and JAWAN teams who actually took responsibility of executing field operations in the flood afflicted areas. They deserve real appreciation who made possible the dispersal of relief items to the victims.

    Besides the monetary help, APPEC was also able to ship relief items (tents, cloths, nutriments, medicines, …) to Pakistan in multiple sessions, where consignees were APPEC/Signalianz/JAWAN teams and AAJ TV fund relief programs. The free of cost transport for these shipments was realized by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

    Special thanks to the key people in APPEC management for streamlining the delivery of relief items from France to Pakistan, for managing funds and tracking the end to end transactions, and all distinguished members of APPEC for their fruitful brain-storming added to the success of the project.

    We would like to request your continue support in future. Please think of joining APPEC and take part in the success of the Post-Flood Relief Operations that we are planning to kick-off very soon.

    Please also have a look on our running projects, especially the thalassimia project for bone-marrow transplantation of a 3yr old that needs an immediate attention for your near-future donations.

    Yours sincerely,
    Dr. Muzammil Shahbaz
    General Secretary APPEC

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