151. To pay loan of two poor persons

By | 20/05/2020

151. To pay loan of two poor persons

Project ID: APPEC-2020-05-19

APPEC Project Number: 151
APPEC Point person: Dr. Adnan Khan Niazi
Location: Fateh Pur, Layyah
Contact: 0092 343 688 3510
Estimated Funds needed: 65,000 PKR


Help is needed to pay loan of these two poor persons. They are unable to pay it back due to miserable family conditions.

1. Pervez Akhtar, resident of Chak 106 ML, Fateh Pur Layyah is daily wages worker. He has to return a loan of 25000 but unable to return due to serious illness. He is the only working hand of his family.

2. Sher took loan for his house construction. He returned maximum of his loan but during this period, his wife got seriously ill and he has to spend a lot for her operation. Meanwhile his goats died that was his earning source. He has to pay 40000.
Please help these poor families to come out of this difficult phase of life.

Donations Eligibility:
This project is ELIGIBLE to receive Zakat.

How to donate?
Please send your donations directly to to APPEC’s bank account in Pakistan as we are facing problem with transferring money from APPEC’s Paypal account. If it is difficult to send money to Pakistani account, then you can send in APPEC’s Paypal account.
Please click here for your donations and drop an e-mail to treasurers.appec@gmail.com with your name and amount donated.

Current status of total funds:

PKR 00.00 (update: 15-06-2020) (Funds released: PKR 65,000 )

PKR 65,000 (update: 15-06-2020)

PKR 17000 (update: 15-06-2020, Transaction from Paypal to NBP, amount adjusted with other projects)

EUR 10.00+ PKR 15,000 (update: 01-06-2020)

EUR 00.00 (update: 20-05-2020)

Funds released: 65,000 PKR

Funds remaining with APPEC: NIL

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact treasurers.appec@gmail.com, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

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