Complimentary Fundraising For Medical Expenses of (Late) Mrs. Sughra Bibi

By | 14/08/2013

APPEC Project ID: APPEC-2013-08-14
APPEC Primary Contact: Mansur KHAN, mansur_volunteer[at]yahoo{dot}com, +92 333 5120075

APPEC is running a complimentary fundraising project for paying the huge medical expenses of (late) Mrs. Sughra Bibi’s treatment for lungs collapse and repiratory system failure, only a couple of weeks after a successful liver transplant operation. Mrs. Sughra Bibi passed away on 13-08-2013, due to Sepsis – a potentially deadly medical condition characterized by a whole-body inflammatory state caused by severe internal infection, reflecting the presence of pathogenic organisms in the bloodstream. Inna-lillah-aye-wa-inna Ilaiy-hay-Ra’ajayoon. Our deepest condolences for Usman and his family. Usman and his family are left with an enormous hospital bill of over PKR 10 Lac to pay. Please donate generously and spread the word. Jazak-Allah.

Donations Status Tracking (Target = PKR 7.0 Lac or EUR 5500 approx.):
Donations in EUR (received by APPEC):
EUR 00.00 (update: 13.08.2013)
EUR 50.00 (update: 21.08.2013)
Remaining Shortfall: Nil

Campaign Status: closed.

Funds used for project APPEC-2013-11-24 : EUR 50/= (update: 12.12.2013)

Remaining funds with APPEC: Nil

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

Primary Fundraising Campaign:

For details, facts & figures, case history and previous updates, please see:


You may send your donations to APPEC via:
A. Bank Transfer:
– International (EU, Africa, East-Asia, Pacific, North America):
– Pakistan: Title of Account: Muhammad Usman; Account Number: 001-60205053-742-0, Swift Code: SONEPKKAISD; Soneri Bank, Main Blue-Area Branch, Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan.
Note: If you make a donation to the above mentioned account, please send an email to Mansur Khan, mansur_volunteer[at]yahoo{dot}com and Fadil Aleem, fadil.aleem[at]gmail{dot}com.
B. Paypal Transfer:
C. Western Union Transfer:
Name of recepient: Mr. Muhammad Usman (Son of Mrs. Sughra Bibi, late)
National ID Card (NIC) Number: 34402-1725405-5
Permanent Address (also. Address on NIC): Mohallah Jhulana, Post Office Wasu, District and Tehsil Mandibahauddin, Punjab, Pakistan.
Present Address: Afandi Colony, Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Note: If you send a donation through Western Union, please send an email to Mansur Khan, mansur_volunteer[at]yahoo{dot}com and APPEC Treasurer, treasurer[at]
D. Cash Transfer:
(1) France: To me (Paris). Tel.: +33 630 006 043.
(2) UK: Fadil Aleem (London). Tel.: +44 759 638 2328 (evening).
(3) Belgium: Sajjad Saeed (Leuven). Tel.: +32 16322430 or +32 16329756;
(4) Pakistan: Mansur Khan (Islamabad). Tel.: +92 333 5120075
Note to donors: When you submit a donation, kindly drop us an email to APPEC Treasurer at treasurer[at], mentioning the amount and the campaign title to help us better maintain our donation records and to keep you updated on the progress.
Everyone’s Welcome! Please note that APPEC is a highly welcoming and a fully transparent forum. If you wish to join us, just create an account on our website ( or simply drop us an email at: join[at]
Jazak Allah,
Waqqas Akhtar
ParisTech, Paris.


Abu Huraira (May Allah be Pleased With Him) reported Allah’s Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as saying, “He who alleviates the suffering of a brother out of the sufferings of the world, Allah would alleviate his suffering from the sufferings of the Day of Resurrection; and he who finds relief for one who is hard pressed, Allah would make things easy for him in the Hereafter; and he who conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah would conceal his faults in the world and in the hereafter. Allah is at the back of a servant so long as the servant is at the back of his brother; and he who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah would make that path easy, leading to Paradise for him and those persons who assemble in the house among the houses of Allah [mosques] and recite the Book of Allah [Al-Quran] and they learn and teach the Qur’an [among themselves], there would descend upon them the tranquility and mercy would cover them and the angels would surround them and Allah makes a mention of them in the presence of those near Him; but he who is slow-paced in doing good deeds, his [high] descent does not make him go ahead.” From: Sahih Muslim – Book No. 35 “Kitab Al-Zikr”; Number 6518.


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