Help a poor patient of renal failure (Phase-II)

By | 25/06/2013

Project ID: APPEC-2013-06-25

Proposed by: Humayun Shahid, Assistant Professor, UET Taxila



Upon request of the patient’s son Muhammad Waqas, the APPEC advisory has approved Phase-II of the fund raising. Please see the email below for details and please refer to APPEC-2013-06-05 for details on the Phase-I of the fund raising.

The father of a student at UET, Taxila is a patient of renal disease (kidney failure). Both kidneys have been damaged and he is on dialysis 3-4 times a week for the past one year. Doctors have advised for kidney transplantation as soon as possible.

The patient was running a fruit shop and renting a house. The regular income, now stopped, and savings are not able to cope with the heavy expenses of the treatment, which are estimated about 1 million PKR or 8000 EUR.

APPEC has launched this project in multiple phases, which raised more than 50% of the required funds with the help of your generous support. Still the remaining hefty amount is an obstacle in executing the surgery, which is planned after Ramadan. The medical reports and verification documents can be accessed from APPEC-2013-06-05.

Here are complete details of the amount raised so far and amount need to be raised.

[table id=1 /]

Please extend your donations to help us completing the target

The person is eligible for Zakat.

How to donate?

Please click here for your donation and please DO NOT FORGET to drop an e-mail to “” with your name, project id and amount donated.

Bank details for direct donations in Pakistan:

Account Holder: Rana Muhammad Waqas

Account Number: 1915-7900-263-903

Bank: Habib Bank Limited, UET Taxila Branch

IBAN:  PK50HABB0019157900263903

Target Phase-II: 6000 EUR

Deadline: until completion

Funds from “Project treatment Ali Zafar – fund raising“: EUR 442.33/= 

Details of total funds raised during Phase-II:

EUR 5760.81/= and PKR 103000/= (update: 07.08.2013)
EUR 5710.81/= and PKR 103000/= (update: 06.08.2013)
EUR 4810.81/= and PKR 103000/= (update: 05.08.2013)
EUR 3660.98/= and PKR 103000/= (update: 30.07.2013)
EUR 3417.03/= and PKR 103000/= (update: 29.07.2013)
EUR 3347.96/= and PKR 3000/= (update: 22.07.2013)
EUR 3217.80/= and PKR 3000/= (update: 20.07.2013)
EUR 2533.46/= (update: 16.07.2013)
EUR 2192.71/= (update: 15.07.2013)
EUR 1815.51/= (update: 03.07.2013)
EUR 1790.51/= (update: 03.07.2013)
EUR 1573.66/= (update: 02.07.2013)
EUR 763.66/= (update: 01.07.2013)
EUR 715.61/= (update: 27.06.2013)
EUR 671.54/= (update: 26.06.2013)
EUR 633.40/= (update: 25.06.2013)
EUR 191.07/= (update: 25.06.2013)

Funds released: EUR 5759.47/= and PKR 103000/= (update: 08.08.2013)
Remaining funds with APPEC: nil

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation(s) could actually be accommodated.

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  3. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Muhammad Waqas
    Date: Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 3:59 PM
    Subject: Re: APPEC Communication – Release of funds
    To: APPEC Treasurers

    Assallamu Allaikum
    Dear and Respected Sir!
    Hope you all are fine.
    Sir it is to inform you that the amount sent by you has reached in my account. Sir the exact amount is 10,40,616 PKR. Many many Jazak ALLAH to whole team of APPEC and all contributors who made collection of huge amount possible for us.
    Sir my father got appointment for his heart angiography and it will be on 21st of August After that we can move forward for Kidney Transplant. In sha ALLAH my father will admit for kidney transplant soon after his angiography.
    Once again bundle of thanks to you.

  4. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Muhammad Waqas
    Date: Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 3:58 PM
    Subject: Re: APPEC Communication – Release of funds
    To: APPEC Treasurers

    Assallamu Allaikum
    Respected Sir!
    hope you all are fine
    Sir Alhamdulillah my father’s heart angiography is done successfully yesterday. Detailed medical reports will be available from hospital side after 2 days. Sir kindly pray for the good reports. I ll update you as we receive medical reports.
    Jazak ALLAH

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