Brain tumor treatment of a mother and her infant

By | 01/08/2012

Project ID: APPEC-2012-07-31

Proposed by: Muhammad Ali Nizamani

Location: Hyderabad/Karachi, Sindh

Contact: nizamani_mali[at][yahoo].com / +33-6-22011249


This fundraising is being launched for supporting the treatment of wife and daughter of a friend, Irfan ul Qadeer (teacher by profession). His  wife was diagnosed brain tumor while she was only 30 weeks pregnant, the baby had to be delivered pre-maturely by surgery and his wife underwent neuro-surgery to extract the tumor (unfortunately a part of that tumor could be extracted only – second surgery is yet to be done in a couple of months).

Since May 3, 2012 his wife has undergone two surgeries and was put in ICU at Liaquat national hospital in Karachi on ventilators and met some neuro infections as well, which have been cured by now Alhamdolillah.

His daughter (premature baby) was put on ventilators, she is bit stable too by now but at the same time she is also diagnosed with some brain hemorrhage due to premature delivery.

The crux is Irfan is fighting all these conditions for last two months now and needs some help. The total hospital bills have exceeded Rs, 12,00,000 by now. Petarian Association of North America and UAE have donated a sum of Rs, 500,000 (deposited to the hospital directly).

Our friends from 91 entry, Cadet College Petaro, have also contributed an amount of Rs. 270,000.

Please come forward, donate generously (Allah shall reward all our good deeds), spread the word & help us collect some reasonable funds again so that we can help our friend in distress.

You may also call  Suhail Memon (0300 8209264), Adeel Gul (0300 3366776) or Dr. Kashif Iqbal (03009269557/ 03219269557) for further info or to collect the funds from any where in Karachi.

Please respond to this appeal on an urgent basis – may Allah Almighty safeguard all of us & keep us away from such conditions. Aameen.

Approx. PKR 14,00000/= are still required for meeting the ongoing treatment expenses and paying the bills of hospital. APPEC is targeting to raise a part of the total sum only.

Scanned copies of some of the hospital bills are available at APPEC.

This project is eligible for zakat.

How to donate?


Please click here to make your donations.


Donors from Pakistan can make donations to the following account:

A/C tilte: Adeel Gul Memon

Meezan Bank Limited

Khayaban-e-Seher Branch

Account # 0113-0100000676


Target: EUR 2000/=

Deadline: 2012-08-20

Donation status: EUR 2203/= (updated: 2012-09-04)

                                   PKR 5000/= (updated: 2012-09-04)

Funds released: EUR 2199.1/= + PKR 5000/=

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated !

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