Help for bone marrow transplant of young boy (in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore)

By | 25/02/2011

Project ID: APPEC-2011-02-25


Please click here for your donations and please do not forget to drop an e-mail to with your name, project id and amount donated.
Current Status: EUR 756.16/= (updated: 01.03.2011)
This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

— On Fri, 2/25/11, Waqqas Akhtar <> wrote:
From: Waqqas Akhtar <>
Subject: [APPEC] Fwd: Need help for young boy for bone marrow transplant
To: “Abdul Rauf Sher Khan” <>, “Aamir Yaseen” <>, “Atiya Ali” <>, “Ayesha” <>
Cc: “APPEC” <>
Date: Friday, February 25, 2011, 1:59 AM
Dear Rauf, Ayesha, Atiya and Aamir
I am forwarding your appeal for donations to APPEC’s mailing list and to my other contact groups here in Europe as well as in Pakistan.
I am very hopeful that we shall be able to raise the target amount of EUR 1000. And, God willing, Adeel’s final stage of treatment (after the successful bone marrow transplant operation last year) will also be a success.
Jazak Allah for your selfless efforts for this boy during the past year.
Waqqas Akhtar
ParisTech, Paris.
+33 630 006 043
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De : Abdul Rauf Sher Khan <>
Envoyé le : Jeu 24 février 2011, 14h 54min 38s
Objet : Fw: Need help for young boy for bone marrow transplant in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore
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A Request I need your genuine help,
A Rauf
— On Thu, 2/24/11, Abdul Rauf Sher Khan <> wrote:
From: Abdul Rauf Sher Khan <>
Subject: Need help for young boy for bone marrow transplant in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore
Date: Thursday, February 24, 2011, 4:54 PM
My dear Brothers,
One of my student, an Alumni of Fast Islamabad, is raising money for the little child’s bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately her own husband passed away an year ago for the same disease.
Today she is helping an other patient, a little child, for the same cause.
The parents of that child are too poor to meet the expenses, they are thinking to stop the treatment but we have promised them the support to continue the treatment.
I request you to please contribute for the noble cause. I can personally collect the money in Ile de France region.  For rest of the cities in France I will ask my friends to take money from the brother who wishes to join us in this cause. Please help, it is a great virtuous deed,  A Sadaqa-e-Jariya.
We need Just 1000 Euros but before Coming Tuesday, some of the money has been already collected.
Call me or email me I will come to you to collect your noble contribution.
My Cell: 06 12 57 21 13
I also request other brothers like Waqas Akhtar, APPEC Platform,  Masood, Farrukh  and other brothers to join me for the cause.
I will be extremely grateful.
Yours Most Sincerely,
Abdul Rauf SIDDIQI
06 12 57 21 13
PhD Scholar, Univ. Paris Descartes, Paris

2 thoughts on “Help for bone marrow transplant of young boy (in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore)

  1. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    A transaction of EUR 756/= has been initiated to Abdul Raf S. He will merge this sum with the donations collected by himself and will transfer the total to the patient via WU.

  2. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: The Detail of Payment to Adeel’s father
    Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 06:01:49 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Abdul Rauf Sher Khan

    My dear brothers and sisters,

    Sorry for my delayed response, I was much busy regarding some of my personal affairs.

    Here is the detail of the payment. I received in total 1557 insted of 1660 euros, as previewed earlier, because some of the promises could not be fulfilled.

    The detail is given underneath, I am not mentioning the names of the contributors.

    441+10+756+100+25+125+100 =1557,

    756 euros were received from APPEC I dont know the detail of that amount.

    I sent 1100 euros to father of Adeel by western union on 8/03/2011 which equals 127136 Pak rupees in total.

    The western union charges were 34 euors. Please see the copy of receipt of Western Union attached herewith …

    I am left with 423 euros now, I have learnt that Adeel still needs some money for the followup treatment, so I have decided to send him the remaining money as well.

    I had contacted Brother Khurram Shahzad at Austria they have already met their target of 40K Euros now they are trying to collect some extra 5K euros for their patient . Since Adeel’s father also needs some extra money for such treatment, and this collection was done for Adeel, I am sending the remaining amount to Adeel’s father.

    I will send you the receipt of that transfer as well, very soon.

    I am extremely thankful to your cooperation and sorry for this belated email.
    A Rauf

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