Fund Raising for Brain Tumor Operation (Ali Zafar)

By | 23/11/2010


An appeal for donations to help save the life of our friend Ali Zafar. We know him personally through APPEC members from the same academic institution, the College of Telecommunications, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan. He has worked for Aircom and Telenor in the past and was until recently working for Alcatel-Lucent in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Ali has been living a normal and energetic life until less than 4 weeks ago when he started experiencing severe headaches and loss of vision. He went in for a checkup. The doctor recommended a CT-Scan. The scan was carried out at Agha Khan Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan. CT-Scan results revealed a brain tumor and that too an unexpectedly large one. The doctors scheduled an immediate surgery but once the skull was cut open, they found the tumor to be more complex than originally perceived and decided that an operation without further investigation is extremely risky. The tumor is 4cm x 5cm in dimensions and has been classified as a Grade-4 tumor (advanced stage). Moreover, it is a spreadable tumor. The doctors recovered a tissue sample for biopsy during the operation. Detailed biopsy results are expected in a couple of days.


While the results arrive and the medical opinions on the specifics of the surgery are formulated, we have decided to spring into action. We have launched a full-scale fund raising campaign to collect donations in our academic and professional circles. At the same time we are using our contacts in the US for finding the most competent and relevant neurosurgeons to treat him.
This way, the moment the medical opinions are finalized, he can be transported to US for a surgery without any wastage of time and financial worries for his family. We have received the family’s consent for this fund-raising and our friends, colleagues, class-fellows are already actively engaging their contacts to find the best medical help in USA. Such an advanced-stage tumor operation requires experienced surgeons and we expect the treatment to be quite costly. We do not have an exact cost estimate as yet but the moment a Surgeon team and a hospital is finalized, we will have an estimate. For now, owing to our previous experience of fundraising for medical operations conducted outside of Pakistan, we have set the estimate amount to be USD 80’000 /-. We cannot over emphasize the urgency of reaching this target.


The call for donations has been launched as of now and the donations have started pouring in. APPEC is working in partnership with other Pakistani students and young professionals in three continents. An up-to-date status of the donation campaign can be viewed at:
The donation drive shall stay open until the end of the week (Nov 29, 2010). Please donate generously and please spread the message far and wide. Please feel free to copy and paste the text from here to your blog sites, email groups, social media pages and other information dissemination channels. Unless explicitly mentioned by the donor, all donations will be treated as a ‘gift’ towards this cause. If you wish to give money as a loan, please mention that specifically and we will see how to go about it.


You may send your donations to APPEC via:
A. Bank transfer (from within Europe):
B. Paypal:
C. Cash Transfer:
(1) France: To me (Paris). Tel.: +33 630 006 043
(2) UK: Fadil Aleem (London). Tel.: +44 759 638 2328
(3) UAE: Talha Khan. Tel.: +971 50 6541721
(4) Pakistan (Cash + Cheques): Sajjad Hussain, APPEC Treasurer, Pakistan. Tel.: +92 307 877 6656
D. Contacts in healthcare and medical domain: If you have any information/connections to help us organize Ali’s treatment in USA, please send us an email at: contact[at]
Note: When you submit a donation, kindly drop us an email at: treasurer[at], mentioning the amount and the campaign title to help us better maintain our donation records and to keep you updated on the progress.

Please see that APPEC is a highly welcoming and a fully transparent forum. If you wish to join us, just create an account on our website ( or simply drop us an email at: join[at]

Jazak Allah,
Waqqas Akhtar
ParisTech, Paris.

Donations update as of January 11, 2011: EUR 2714.28/=

EUR 1000/= used for project APPEC-2011-09-20

EUR 1000/= used for project APPEC-2012-10-12

EUR 200/= used for project APPEC-2013-05-10

EUR 442.33/= used for project APPEC-2013-06-25

Current status of project funds with APPEC (after refunds): Nil (updated: 25.06.2013)

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation(s) could actually be accommodated.

Abu Huraira (May Allah be Pleased With Him) reported Allah’s Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) as saying, “He who alleviates the suffering of a brother out of the sufferings of the world, Allah would alleviate his suffering from the sufferings of the Day of Resurrection; and he who finds relief for one who is hard pressed, Allah would make things easy for him in the Hereafter; and he who conceals [the faults of] a Muslim, Allah would conceal his faults in the world and in the hereafter. Allah is at the back of a servant so long as the servant is at the back of his brother; and he who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah would make that path easy, leading to Paradise for him and those persons who assemble in the house among the houses of Allah [mosques] and recite the Book of Allah [Al-Quran] and they learn and teach the Qur’an [among themselves], there would descend upon them the tranquility and mercy would cover them and the angels would surround them and Allah makes a mention of them in the presence of those near Him; but he who is slow-paced in doing good deeds, his [high] descent does not make him go ahead.”
From: Sahih Muslim – Book No. 35 “Kitab Al-Dhikr”; Number 6518.

3 thoughts on “Fund Raising for Brain Tumor Operation (Ali Zafar)

  1. Waqqas Post author

    Some quick updates:
    1. It is under investigation but the rough estimate is that Ali’s medical insurance policy with Alcatel-Lucent Pakistan will cover almost 90% of the cost of operation itself.
    2. Cost of travel, stay, hospital room, food, daily-life expenses etc. will still have to be born by the family in large part.
    3. In an initial operation, doctors have successfully installed a shunt to periodically remove fluids accumulating in Ali’s head. Please see Abu Bakr’s email copied below.
    4. In view of the deteriorating health condition of Ali and his inability to travel a long distance, several other operation options are being considered as well. Please see Madeeha’s and Zulqarnain’s messages copied below.
    5. If any of you knows a neurology specialist / neurosurgeon here in Europe, please contact me.
    — Waqqas
    +33 630 006 043
    De: Abu Bakr
    Envoyé le: Mer 24 novembre 2010, 12h 19min 37s
    Objet: Re: Fund Raising Appeal for Ali Zafar’s Brain Tumor Operation – Medical Reports
    Relatively good news…
    I am just typing what I got from Azeem (Ali’s brother).
    Ali’s operation today was successful. Doctors have introduced shunt to remove water logged in his head and he’s still in ITC but better. Alhamdo-Lillah.
    Abu Bakr
    +92 345 400 1311
    On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 1:20 AM, Madeeha Basharat wrote:
    I got a similar feedback. A one night stay in ICU costs about $10K and in case of brain surgery the stay is spread over quite a few days. I was told Europe is a cheaper option. Obviously coupling in the shorter travel hours it may be a better option.
    — Madeeha
    De: Zulqarnain Gilani
    Envoyé le: Ven 26 novembre 2010, 5h 23min 08s
    Objet : Re: Ali Zafar_Brain Tumor Treatment_Options
    I want to share something more serious and unfortunate. I talked to a few Doctors with his reports. These are highly qualified docs who carry out practice in US and UK during their summer vacations. They told me that this is the last stage of the disease. It cannot be cured fully. An operation which Agha Khan ppl say is difficult or impossible is impossible everywhere. These are doctors who have foriegn degrees and have worked in best hospitals abroad. They also said that by their experience taking such a patient to US or any where is pnly increasing his agony and that of his family. Even if some one removes the tumor it cannot be removed 100%. Secondly some part of brain is also removed which brings permanent impairment in the patient. Secondly the left over tumor starts to grow. So even the operation can only increase the life by 2 months max.
    I understand that this is very saddening and disheartening. I by no means advocate stopping the campaign. But the questions raised by Sir mansoor are the ones every one is asking me. Even the father of one of the Signalianz who donated 100K yesterday said the same. So we have to understand and help the family as well. We should not give them false hopes. Cuz once these hopes fail (God Forbid) then they will be further shattered.
    [ … ]
    Futhermore, USD80K will be very less.

  2. Waqqas Post author

    As-Salam -o-Alaikum,
    I have a sad update about our dear friend Ali Zafar. This morning, Friday, January 14th 2011, I was informed that Ali Zafar has died in the ICU of the hospital in Karachi where he was being treated for pneumonia, which befell him about two weeks ago, just before he was due to be flown to US for his brain tumor operation, where all arangements had been made.
    Inna Lillah e wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioun. May Allah forgive him and bless him with the highest place in Jannah. May Allah grant patience, comfort and strength to his family in the hour they need it most. Ameen.

    For Ali’s brain tumor operation in USA, a total of USD 80’000 were collected by APPEC, Signalianz, and a host of other associations within a period of less than two weeks. APPEC solemnly thanks its donors for their generous and heartfelt contribution towards reaching the overall target amount for the travel and medical arrangements at a very short notice, with APPEC platform contributing 2’714 euros at the closing of the fund-raising campaign. As for the return or the reutilization of the collected donations, APPEC will keep the donors updated.
    Jazak Allah for your contributions.
    — Waqqas
    For, APPEC
    Paris, France.

  3. APPEC

    Update: December 23, 2010.

    This is an update on the present condition of Ali Zafar.
    a) Doctor/Hospital: His doctor and hospital, for treatment in New York State (Johnson City) USA, has been confirmed by his family.
    b) Visa: Ali, his mother and father applied for the US visa for his treatment. Ali Zafar and his mother got the visa but his father is still waiting for the decision on his visa. It would be difficult for his mother to manage things alone and it is best if his father can accompany him there. In a couple of days all offices will be closed due to the holiday season and therefore more delay in decision is expected.
    c) Ali’s Current health: Ali’s health is deteriorating. Once again he is not able to travel (he was in the past few days) and has been taken to Agha Khan Hospital in Karachi for Radiotherapy. His family has met the colleague of his intended surgeon (New York) in Islamabad today and he also agrees that till the time he travels radiotherapy treatment is necessary. And the surgery can only be performed after a few weeks of the radiation treatment. So there is some further delay expected.
    d) Support from employer: Ali’s employer – Alcatel Lucent (Pakistan) has committed that they will also be contributing towards providing medical coverage. To what extent? Their reply is awaited.
    e) Your Donations: With your help, we have raised US$ 85’462. Money is deposited in Ali’s father’s bank account.Family will use these funds if employer (Alcatel Lucent) cannot cover 100% of cost of operation, post operation care, travel and lodging costs, etc.
    f) Ali’s gratitude: Ali got to know about this campaign through the internet. He is overwhelmed by the generous support you all have extended to him.
    g) What more is needed from you: Please pray for his health. If there is anyone in New York State (USA) and can help with local logistics/support once Ali is there, please let us know. If there are people in Karachi willing to help out with anything or moral support, let me know. I will ask his family’s permission and get you through to them.
    Further updates will be available here whenever anything else is confirmed.
    On behalf of Ali, his family, friends, thanks a lot for your generous help.
    Shiraz Bashir, TCC5
    Advisor to Alumni
    College of Signals
    National University of Sciences and Technology

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