School for girls’ basic and Islamic education in remote area of Mianwali

By | 26/02/2016

School for girls’ basic education in remote area of Mianwali

Project ID: APPEC-2016-02-26
APPEC Point person: Dr. Adnan Khan Niazi
Proposed by: Dr. Adnan Khan Niazi (University of Perpignan, Perpignan, France)
Location: Chhidroo, Mianwali
Total funds needed: 6 Lakh PKR
APPEC contribution: 2000 euros
Email: adnan1753 AT yahoo DOT com


This is a project for which we are struggling since 2013. The project is to establish a girls school in a remote area of Mianwali where there is no school for girls education. Chhidroo, is a remote area in Mianwali, consisting of about 200 villages. For boys, there are about 30 primary, a few middle and 1 high school. Same is needed for girls. But to my knowledge, there are only 3 primary schools in this big area and all of them are at very corners of the area, near to relatively established parts.
People are very conservative and most of them are against female education. In 2012, we started to convince people for girls education and now most of the people from 10 villages are ready for this. A person from the area has provided land for school, about 2 kanals (1000 sq. meters). This land is near a boys primary school. This connects about 10 villages by a small road as well. The work is already started to build school.
Initially it will be a girls primary school. The basic Islamic education will be provided also.
In the evening, same building will be used to provide some basic Islamic education to young females who did not get any education in childhood. 
This school will be a symbol that people of the area are no more against the female education. This point will help to get help from MPA and MNA of the area to establish government schools for girls in this area.

The estimated cost is about 6 lakhs. From APPEC, help is needed to get about 2000 euros. Remaining will be collected from the people of the area. We have already started some work on this land with our own contributions. People from the area are also contributing.

Please donate with full favor and help these poor little girls to get the education. This is a big project and donations are required from everyone. It will be a SADQA E JARIA for everyone in sha ALLAH.

Donations Eligibility:
This project is NOT eligible to receive Zakat.

Fund Raising:
Target: 2000 EUR

Deadline: till completion

How to donate?
You can send your donations to APPEC’s bank accounts in Europe/Pakistan or via Paypal.
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Current status of total funds:
EUR 000.00 (update: 23.08.2017)
EUR 559.17 (update: 23.07.2017) [Funds used for project APPEC-2017-06-23: EUR 559.17]
EUR 549.17 (update: 14.06.2017)
EUR 539.17 (update: 05.06.2017)
EUR 439.17 (update: 02.04.2017)
EUR 414.17 (update: 16.02.2017)
EUR 404.17 (update: 17.11.2016)
EUR 381.53 (update: 27.09.2016)
EUR 304.94  plus GBP 67  (update: 23.08.2016) [GBP 67 -> EUR 76.59 (update: 27.09.2016]
EUR 304.94 (update: 17.08.2016) plus GBP 50 from APPEC-2016-06-29
EUR 354.94 (update: 17.08.2016) [Funds used for project APPEC-2016-06-29: EUR 50]
EUR 344.94 (update: 14.08.2016) 
EUR 344.94 (update: 08.07.2016)
EUR 324.94 (update: 15.06.2016)
EUR 274.94 (update: 24.04.2016)
EUR 250.00 (update: 11.04.2016)
EUR 00.00 (update: 26.02.2016)

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