Qarz e hasna to small farmers

By | 21/12/2013

Project ID: APPEC-2013-12-21
Proposed by: Adnan Khan Niazi (University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg France)
Location: Layyah and Mianwali
Contact: adnan1753 AT yahoo DOT com
This call is to collect funds for Qarz e hasna/ Short term, interest free loans especially to small farmers. “Riba/Sood/Interest/usury” has become a common practice in many fields in Pakistan and people even don’t consider it something bad and prohibited in Islam. Due to this, poor people especially small farmers are suffering a lot. They have to take small loans for the production of crops at various steps for various commodities (purchase the pesticides, seeds, fertilizers) and have to pay much more than they take. In worst cases, they need money for crop at some critical stage and are unable to get from any where. and crop is either completely lost or production is very low.
We can help some of them, by providing interest free loan so that they can produce their crop and can return it after getting money from selling the crop. In future this scheme can be extended for other fields.
For the moment we are going to start for some persons in Layyah and Mianwali districts and then we can extend also. Initially we will need atleast 5 lakh so that we can start for about 10 persons. Each case will be studied individually and decided by the APPEC executive board. It should be obligatory that atleast one person should guarantee for that person, i.e. a person respectable in the village. In some special cases this can be avoided. The returned money will be reused for more loans.

Donations Eligibility:
This project is NOT eligible to receive Zakat but Sadaqah and other forms of donations can be given.

Fund Raising:
Target: 3500 EUR

Deadline: till completion

Current status of total funds:
EUR 0/= (update: 21.12.2013)
EUR 50/= (update: 21.12.2013)
EUR 50/= (update: 06.01.2014)
EUR 69.07/= (update: 07.01.2014)
EUR 119.07/= (update: 16.01.2014)
EUR 619.07 (update: 06.03.2014)
EUR 719.07 (update: 10.03.2014)
EUR 1719.07 (update: 13.03.2014)

Funds released: EUR 1719.50/= (update: 28.03.2014)
Remaining funds with APPEC: Nil

How to donate?
Please click here for your donations and drop an e-mail to with your name and amount donated.


This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

9 thoughts on “Qarz e hasna to small farmers

  1. Adnan Khan NIAZI Post author

    Case 1, 03/04/2014, 25000 PKR loan to UH Khan to start a fruit cart as his own means of earning. Promise to return on 31/05/2014.

    1. Adnan Khan NIAZI Post author

      He himself and his father got an accident in may. So he was unable to return on due date. Promise to return after cotton harvesting in december.

  2. Adnan Khan NIAZI Post author

    Case 2, 04/04/2014, PKR 60000 loan to T. Ahmad for sister’s marriage. Promise to return on 1/8/14.

    1. Adnan Khan NIAZI Post author

      Case 2, Got 40000 back from T. Ahmad. Remaining 20,000 will be paid on 1/9/14.

  3. Adnan Khan NIAZI Post author

    Case 3, 06/06/2014, PKR 30000 loan to A. Hussain to buy a motor rikshaw with some installments. Promise to return in installments after december 2014.

  4. Adnan Khan NIAZI Post author

    Case 4, 12/06/2014, PKR 50000 loan to W. Khan to return his loan previous obtained on interest. Promise to return on 1/12/14 after harvesting of cotton.

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