Phase II: APPEC Pakistan Loan scheme

By | August 17, 2015

Project Title: Phase II: APPEC Pakistan Loan scheme

Project ID: APPEC-2015-08-17
Proposed by: Adnan Khan Niazi (University of Perpignan, Perpignan France)
Location: Layyah, Bhakkar and Mianwali
Contact: adnan1753 AT yahoo DOT com

Total funds needed=  1000 euros

Summary of the project:

This is the phase II of following APPEC project. We are running successfully this project since April 2014 after receiving 2,25,275 PKR from APPEC. So far, interest free loans have been provided to 8 families, from the funds raised for this project. Four of them have successfully reimbursed the total amount that they borrowed while for 5th only 3000 remaining out of 25,000.  The money has been re-injected into the project funds for providing qarz-e-hasna to more people. A brief summary of the loans provided under this project is in the table below.

Loan (PKR)





Umar Hayyat Khan Fruit cart to start own business in progress(only 3000 remaining)


Tanveer Ahmad Sister’s marriage Reimbursement DONE


Abid Hussain To buy motor Rickshaw to start earning for family Reimbursement DONE


Wazir Khan To get rid of loan taken on heavy interest rate. Reimbursement DONE


Sher Abbas For production of cotton (spray, water etc) Reimbursement DONE


Javed Iqbal To start small business and treatment of disease in progress


Muhammad Yasin Marriage of brother n sister in progress


Abul Shakoor To complete the contruction of house In progress

As this project is contributing a lot and giving the results that we want, now we want more funds. In this way we can run more projects at the same time and also can extend the limit of loan to a bit higher. We will extend the amount in different phases. In this phase, we are going to collect 1000 euros.

For the moment we are running in three cities of Pakistan but we are planning to extend it to other cities.

Please contribute generously to contribute in the rehabilitation of these poor people of society and to make life easier for many people.

Donations Eligibility:
This project is not eligible for Zakat.

Fund Raising:
Target: 1000 EUR

Deadline: till completion

How to donate?
You can send your donations to APPEC’s bank account in France, APPEC’s bank account in Pakistan or APPEC’s Paypal account.
Please click here for your donations and drop an e-mail to with your name and amount donated.

Please note that APPEC has CHANGED ITS BANK ACCOUNT since 24th december 2015. Before transferring your donation please ensure that you are using the correct details as given here

Current status of total funds:
EUR 787.76 (update: 03.02.2016)
EUR 762.76 (update: 20.01.2016)
EUR 748.52 (update: 07.01.2016)
EUR 533.52 (update: 05.01.2016)
EUR 314.07 (update: 03.11.2015)
EUR 214.07 (update: 30.10.2015)
EUR 194.07 (update: 28.10.2015)
EUR 144.07 (update: 26.09.2015)
EUR 119.07 (update: 22.09.2015)
EUR 00.00 (update: 17-08-2015)

Funds released: EUR 780 (update: 23.03.2016) [PKR 93000]
Remaining funds with APPEC: EUR 7.76 (update: 23.03.2016)

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

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