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If you are already comfortable with PayPal, click ‘A for APPEC’ button below to start right-away.

'A' for APPEC

If you wish to get a quick idea of current exchange rate, please click the Calculator button below:

Exchange Rate Calculator

Please follow the steps below for making a commission-free donation to APPEC’s non-profit association Paypal account:

If you know that you already have the requisite amount in your online Paypal account, click “Donate” button for a one-step donation transfer:

We assure you that the donor information is considered highly confidential and is visible only to APPEC executive and advisory committee.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to PayPal website and log-in to your user account.
  2. Verify that you have the required amount in your PayPal online account.
  3. If you don’t have any amount in your PayPal online account,
    1. Click on “Add Funds” tab on the top menu
    2. Select your associated Bank Account from the “Options List” on the next page. This operation is free of charge but may take between 4-6 days. You may have to print, fill-out and post a form (available on PayPal website) to your Bank (not to PayPal in any case, ever!) for the first time. Your Bank will do the necessary communication with PayPal. This step will set the status of your PayPal account as “Verified” and you will be able to freely transfer money between your PayPal online Account and your Bank Account in future.
  4. Once you have the requisite amount transferred from your Bank Account to your PayPal Account
    1. Click on “Send Money” tab on the top menu
    2. Type as the destination email address (destination account) on the next page.
    3. Type in the amount and select the currency.

Note: If you are sending money from a US PayPal account which has been set up in USD and you enter, for instance, USD 100 to be sent to APPEC, the conversion charges will be deducted from APPEC side, i.e. we will receive an equivalent amount of USD 100 in Euros minus Paypal conversion deficit. However if you select EUR 100 to be sent to APPEC, we will receive exactly EUR 100 and your PayPal account will be charged an equivalent amount of EUR 100 in USD plus the PayPal conversion surplus. Please keep in mind that PayPal conversion rate is usually the worst out there. PayPal pockets almost 1 dollar more on every 30 dollars or so converted to any other currency, as compared to currency exchangers and banks.

  1. Select the option “Money Transfer to Friends & Associations” and select “Other” as type. Click “Confirm” and you’re done.
  2. If you believe that the above steps are too lengthy to be carried out at the moment, skip step 3. The downside is that PayPal will charge you nearly (3.4% + 0.5) USD for the “service” of giving money to APPEC before having received it from your Bank. This would calculate to almost 4 USD for every 100 USD donated.

Need more help?

Here is a complete guide, with screenshots (in French), on “how to make a PayPal donation” to APPEC.