Opportunity knocking

By | 21/06/2011

Originally published at Dawn.com
Recent times have seen something momentous happen in the realm of social media in Pakistan. A game changer I suppose it can be called, as never before has such an opportunity been made available to the young and hopeful entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

I am speaking of the launch of the P@sha social fund.

P@sha or the Pakistan software houses association is an umbrella body which helps facilitate and highlight work on not just software made in this country but its related internet and communications technologies as well. This social innovation fund is unique as it will fund initiatives which strive to make social change happen on a grass roots level, community challenges solved by ICT’s (Internet and communication tech). I find it exciting because of the two following areas.

Firstly the seed money has been provided by Google and is to the tune of Rs 20 million, no small amount hence the end result will be 25 successful applicants getting a good chunk to start with. Applications are open till August and can be made here.

Judgment on who gets this money will be made by a “neutral” advisory board, which P@sha has brought in from not just the software field but from the circles of trade and industry as well. It includes people like Danish Lakhani, Amin Hashwani, Imran Zia and Sabene Saigol. This will play a key role in ensuring that the money awarded to individuals is done so in a fair manner. Please do note that applications can be sent from all over Pakistan hence people sitting in the rural areas with ideas can come forth now and apply on par with the urban innovators as well.

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