Helping a Widow for the marriage of her two daughters and for the education of her two daughters

By | 14/07/2016

Project ID: APPEC-2016-07-13
APPEC Point person: Shahkar Kakakhail
Proposed by: Sajjad Ali Mushtaq
Location: Faisalabad
Contact: Musarat Bibi
Address: Chak # 118 GB, Faisalabad Pakistan
Tel: +92 302 7091630

Estimated Funds needed: 1200 euros

Musarat Bibi is a widow of 4 daughters and one son. Her husband Mohammad Sabir,  a truck loader died in 2001 while he fell off while loading the truck and died on the spot. Musarat Bibi bravely raised her 5 children while doing cleaning jobs. Her parents and in-laws both are very poor. Her father and father in-law passed away few years back. The kids completed their education to matriculation level and have to discontinue as they cannot bear expenses. She need support in order to get 2 of her daughters marriage. She also need support for her 2 other daughters to continue their college education. Musarat Bibi’s son is a teenager who also have to discontinue his education after matriculation and is now learning refrigerator/AC repair work.

Donations Eligibility:
This project is eligible to receive Zakat.
Fund Raising:
Target: EUR 1200
How to donate?
You can send your donations to APPEC’s bank account in France, UK or Pakistan and APPEC’s Paypal account.

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Current status of total funds:
EUR 1105.29 (update: 07.08.2016)
EUR 1008.94 (update: 03.08.2016)
EUR 488.94 (update: 31.07.2016)
EUR 437.25 (update: 27.07.2016)
EUR 202.45 (update: 19.07.2016)
EUR 00.00 (update: 13.07.2016)

Funds released: EUR 1105 (update: 17.08.2016)
Remaining funds with APPEC: Nil

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

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