Helping a final year M.Sc Physics Student

By | 06/05/2014

Project ID: APPEC-2014-05-06

Proposed by:        Dr. Afzal Khan, Assistant Professor, Institute of Physics & Electronics, University of Peshawar, Peshawar

Contact Detail:     E.mail:, Mobile: +92 344 414 98 79

For donations in Pakistan:        Account title: Afzal Khan, Account # 02500060000048, Branch Code: 0250, Swift Code: FAYSPKKA, IBAN# PK27FBL00060000048, Address: Faysal Bank Limited, University Campus Branch, Peshawar.


An M.Sc Physics final year student of the University of Peshawar is passing through severe financial crises and seeks help to continue his studies. He is the eldest among his six brothers and sisters whose father committed suicide last year. This student is passing through psychological and financial stresses due to the unexpected and sudden death of his father, illness of his mother, and hurdles in his younger brothers and sisters education due to poverty. His successful completion of education is now the center of hope for the effected family. The student has to appear in the final year exam in August 2014. However, he has to clear all his dues by June 11, 2014.

He remained Dr. Afzal’s student for two years in the evening shift and he knows the student very well. In the morning, he worked as a visiting teacher in private schools to support his family and his education expenditures, but the remuneration was not that much to serve both purposes.

Details of the unpaid university dues are given below.

  1. Annual Tuition Fee =                55000 PKR
  2. Admission Fee =                        3600 PKR
  3. Examination Fee =                      6600 PKR
  4. Hostel Admission Fee =            20000 PKR


Total Dues =                            85200 PKR

Donations Eligibility:

The family is eligible for Zakat.



Target Amount ~= 620 EUR

Deadline: June 03, 2014

Current status of total funds:
EUR 610.78 (update: 19.05.2014) [Funds released: EUR 629.50 (on 23.05.2014)] [Remaining funds: Nil]
EUR 340.55 (update: 13.05.2014)
EUR 33.90 (update: 12.05.2014)
EUR 0 (update: 08.05.2014)


This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.


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