123. Helping a female student of BSc(Hons) Botany, GC Women University Faisalabad

By | 15/02/2018

Helping a female student of BSc(Hons) Botany, GC Women University Faisalabad

Project ID: APPEC-2018-02-14

APPEC Project Number: 123
APPEC Point person: Dr. Adnan Khan Niazi
Proposed by: Dr. Muhammad Arshad (Associate Professor, NUST Islamabad)
Location: Faisalabad
Contact: 003436883510 (Adnan)
Estimated Funds needed: 3600 euros (450 euros per semester)


She belongs to a poor family living in Fateh Ali, Bhowana Punjab. Her father is a daily wages worker and her mother is seriously ill. Amara Zafar is studying in first semester BSc (Hons) Botany, GC Women University Faisalabad. Her per semester fee is 24000. Her monthly expenditure are about 6000. In this way she needs 60,000 per semester for 8 semesters.
She has applied for aid from university as well. There are bright chances that she will get financial aid from university as she is deserving student. In that case she will return APPEC money which will be injected to other APPEC projects.

Semester 1: 60000 released on 09-03-2018

Semester 2: 60000 released on 30-08-2018

Semester 3:  70000 released on 10-05-2019

Semester 4: 85000 released on 04-07-2019

Semester 5

Semester 6

Semester 7

Semester 8

Donations Eligibility:
This project is ELIGIBLE to receive Zakat.

How to donate?

You can send your donations to APPEC’s bank account in France, UK or Pakistan and APPEC’s Paypal account.
Please click here for your donations and drop an e-mail to treasurers.appec@gmail.com with your name and amount donated.

Please note that APPEC has CHANGED ITS BANK ACCOUNT since 10th July 2017. Before transferring your donation please ensure that you are using the correct details.

Current status of total funds:

PKR 61586.89 (update: 17-08-19)

EUR 177.81 (update: 04-07-2019, EUR 400 + PKR 10000 released for Semester 4)

EUR 577.81 + PKR 10,000 (update: 04-06-2019)

EUR 562.81 + PKR 10,000 (update: 04-06-2019)

EUR 522.81 (update: 23-05-2019

EUR 392.81 (update: 17-05-2019

EUR 357.81 (update: 16-04-2019)

EUR 232.81 (update: 28-03-2019, EUR 108.62 transferred from Project No. 141)

EUR 124.19 (update: 23-03-2019, EUR 450 released for Semester 3)

EUR 574.19 (update: 23-03-2019, Transfer from UK account rate: 1.13430233)

EUR 440.76 + GBP 100 (update: 10-03-2019)

EUR 325.76 + GBP 100 (update: 22-02-2019)

EUR 223.07 (update: 05-01-2019)

EUR 73.07 (update: 21.11.2018)

EUR 73.07 (update: 21.11.2018)(EUR 450 released for Semester 2)

EUR 523.07 (update: 10.11.2018)

EUR 263.67 (update: 03.11.2018)

EUR 235.00 (update: 07.10.2018)

EUR 175.00 (update: 07.10.2018)(EUR 60.00 moved from Project No. 135)

EUR 110.00 (update: 13.06.2018)

EUR 100.00 (update: 27.03.2018)

EUR 00.00 (update: 09.03.2018)

EUR 00.00 (update: 08.03.2018) (EUR 450 released for Semester 1)

EUR 450.00 (update: 07.03.2018) (EUR 230 transferred from APPEC-2018-15-02)

EUR 220.00 (update: 07.03.2018)

EUR 00.00 (update: 15.02.2018)

5 thoughts on “123. Helping a female student of BSc(Hons) Botany, GC Women University Faisalabad

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  2. Muzammil Shahbaz

    Please provide update on the student. Whether she has got the scholarship or not. What is the result of 1st semester? Donors would like to know why they should continue support for rest of the 7 semesters.

  3. Adnan Khan NIAZI Post author

    She has applied for different scholarships. University has not declared the decision yet. If she gets, scholarship, she will reimburse the tuition fee but we have to continue her help for hostel rent payments.

    She secured 3.59/4.00 in first semester and 3.54/4.00 in second semester. The detailed marks sheets can be provided on demand.

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