Flood relief efforts – Phase: 1

By | 05/08/2010
Project ID: APPEC-2010-08-05
Details on second phase of the fund raising could be tracked here.

Flood relief Pakistan

Once again our countrymen need our help; the recent series of floods has hit us hard and has left disastrous affects behind it. Millions of shelter-less Pakistanis are seeking our help … and insha’Allah together we can aide them to survive this disaster.

For those who are fortunate enough (alhamdulilah) and are safe from this natural disaster, its an opportunity to seek the blessings of their Lord, almighty Allah, by donating from that, what has been granted to them. Each piece of bread and every penny matters!

APPEC aims at streamlining individual donations and disseminating the collected funds to a range of individuals who are already serving the victims back home. Below are excerpts from some of the donation appeals – volunteers and NGOs, who successfully organized camps for IDPs earlier.

You may contribute directly to any of them or may send your contributions to APPEC (how to donate?) to be dispersed to the flood victims. Please drop an email to treasurers.appec@gmail.com for ensuring the ‘in process’ transactions to be counted in the sum. We need to respond efficiently and timely for helping our brothers and sisters to survive this disaster, insha’Allah.


Launched: 05-08-2010

Closed: 12-08-2010

Alhamdulilah, a total of EUR 5459.54/= has been raised by APPEC. This includes the funds collected by volunteers from mosques in France (jazak’Allah to each and every individual for all efforts). (updated: 13th of August 2010)

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact treasurers.appec@gmail.com, to confirm if your donation(s) could actually be accommodated.

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  1. Atif Ilyas

    I forward this appeal with my remarks to these groups
    pak france ;
    HEC overseas ;
    pakgrid ;
    pakistani students ;
    Pak Lyon ;

  2. s_rehman25

    i also forwarded the appeal on following groups of information professionals.

    Pakistan Library Automation Group (more than 1000 members)
    Library welfare Groups

  3. Waqqas

    Update from NUST Alumni:

    De : Fadil Aleem
    À : Waqqas Akhtar
    Envoyé le : Jeu 5 août 2010, 13h 03min 37s
    Objet: SWAT – Round-1 Flood Relief Efforts

    Dear All,
    AoA Our team is going to Kanju/Mingora in Swat on Saturday. We have personally arranged liaison with Red Cross for local help in warehousing/transport although as always we will be working on our own.
    Thanks to Sir Raza (TCC-3) and Col. Adeel Minhas (TCC-1) we have got army contacts there too in case we need any help.
    We are taking the following items for 1200 families in Round-1: Flour, Rice, Lentils, Sugar and Ghee.
    An exciting addition this time is a large scale portable reverse osmosis filter (with generators for power supply) we are taking there which can take mud water as input and generate 400 Gallons of 99.999% clean drinking water per 12 hours. We were able to acquire it at cost price from a generous friend who runs this business.
    Round-2 planning has already been done for Punjab and we need you to keep on sending donations to make it effective.
    The rate of funds being deposited with me is really encouraging – as always restoring my faith in mankind : )
    Used Clothes Donation Project:
    Sir Raza, being a media person now has more then ever contacts everywhere and through them he has learned there is a need for clothes. People are helpless with their belongings lost in the flood. He is initiating a drive to collect used/new clothes majorly from Pindi/Isb (for shorter transport distance).
    Naeem Younas Awan from TCC-15/Alcatel Lucent in Islamabad and Saulat Abbas TCC-15/NSN Lahore will be point of contact for this project. They are now an integral part of our relief efforts so please extend them your full support. Please share this idea with your friends.
    Fadil Aleem

  4. Waqqas

    Updates from the team visiting Swat region:

    De : Fadil Aleem
    À : Shiraz Bashir, Waqqas Akhtar
    Envoyé le : Ven 6 août 2010, 22h 32min 56s
    Objet : Re: Fund Raising for Flood Victims in Pakistan

    Salam. Roger, agreed.
    Plz keep reminding ppl we will go for more rounds.
    Reached isb, leaving for mingora in 3 hrs. Thanx to Sir Raza i am in contact with Maj. Jariq (TCC 3) who is managing heli ops in khazakhela.
    They have 11 helis and evacuated 6000 tourists and going to bring out 2500 more. They take food in and bring stranded tourists out. Private and army boat services and foot bridge established from mingora to kanju (near Saidu-Sharif airport).

    On 8/6/10, Shiraz Bashir wrote:

    Few updates..
    1. Some funds are trickling in..will start sending updates from next week. Total as of now is *315.56 US$.*
    2. For Medical Equipment, I am working with GE and APPNA directly so lets exclude that from the scope. There are legal matters and APPNA can satisfy
    all the requirements so this is best decision.
    3. During this weekend I will spread the Fund Raising appeal to my contacts in US.
    4. I have asked GE Corporate to consider a donation and open up matching fund so GE employees can donate to.
    Keep it simple…
    We have plenty of man power from Pakistan Army to deliver food. We just need funds. Come up with an amount like 50,000 Rs and start rasing among your close circle and then donate that to Point of Contact for Fund Raising mentioned above.
    Have someone keep track of ALL DONORS and their email addresses and amount they have donated.
    Shiraz Bashir.

  5. Saad Malik

    Alhmdolillah a SUM of more than 2000 EUROS collected from Pak-Toulouse and will finalise it by Monday because still few guys left to pay and will contribute by Monday. Hope to have a sum of 2500 + EUROS. May Allah accept all contributions and May Allah bless us all .. Aameeen

  6. Waqqas

    Update on status of collected donations and medical equipment:

    De : Shiraz Bashir;
    À: Fadil Aleem; Waqqas Akhtar;
    Envoyé le: Mar 10 août 2010, 6h 01min 13s
    Objet: Re: Fund Raising for Flood Victims in Pakistan

    Update: 2010/08/09
    1. GE has sent a message at corporate intranet to open matching gifts. I will now use that to ask affinity groups in GE to contribute. But this will mostly go to Red Cross/Unicef.
    2. Funds are slowly trickling in..will pump up the campaign. now they are at around US$1400.
    3. Provide list of medical equipment to contact at APPNA. Moment I get a list of equipment from them, I will talk to folks at GE for donation.
    Some heart breaking pictures.
    De: Waqqas Akhtar
    À: Signalians Cafe; Education France; APPEC;
    Envoyé le : Mar 10 août 2010, 14h 38min 46s
    Objet: Re: Fund Raising for Flood Victims in Pakistan

    The images are heart breaking indeed.
    Here as well, I have received a little over EUR1000 so far (in addition to the funds being collected by APPEC for other volunteer groups).
    Fadil, when will be your team’s second flood-relief visit? I will transfer the collected donations by then.
    Jazak Allah for your efforts and to everyone for their contributions.
    — Waqqas
    De : Talha Khan
    À : Signalians Cafe; Education France; APPEC;
    Envoyé le: Mar 10 août 2010, 15h 46min 58s
    Objet: Re: Fund Raising for Flood Victims in Pakistan

    Dear All,
    By the grace of GOD I have raised 5380 AED and insha Allah i will send it to Fadil tomorrow. Thanks to all.

  7. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    Transfer of the collected funds has been initiated to APPEC representative in Pakistan (Dr. Sajjad Hussain), who will execute the transactions to a set of volunteers for eventual distribution to the victims. Ordre de transfert is available at APPEC. (14.08.2010)

  8. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    A total of Rs. 626347 was received by the APPEC representative in Pakistan (Aug 24), and was distributed equally among the 9 volunteers for further distribution to the flood victims. Details on these volunteers are available at APPEC and could be requested. A sum of Rs. 69600 was handed over to each of the following 9 volunteers:

    1. Mr. Fadil Aleem (Signalianz alumini) [relief work in Punjab]
    2. Dr. Navid Jamil (JMF foundation) [relief work in Punjab]
    3. Dr. Navid Jamil (JMF foundation) [relief work in Sindh]
    4. Mr. Jamal Yousaf [relief work in Muzaffarhgarh/DG Khan]
    5. Mr. Fida Muhamad [relief work in Charsadda]
    6. Mr. Ghulam Rasool [relief work in DI.Khan]
    7. Mr. M Khizar Hayat [relief work in Bhakkar]
    8. Mr. Asad Mehmood
    9. Mr. Mansur Khan

  9. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    Relief updates as received by Mr. Jamal Yousaf (volunteer 4 in above list).

    APPEC donation was part of around 3 lakhs amount of which medicines were bought and delivered to army field hospital in Muzaffar Garh. It was delivered last week i.e. last week of August.

    Relief updates as received by Mr. Saif ul Islam (volunteer 6 in above list).


    Hope you all would be in good health.
    Please find attached herewith the Report1 Phase-I(including some snaps as well) regarding Flood Relief Activities in Dera Ismail Khan. This project was majorly funded by HUM(APPEC) and executed by its in contact local organization “Alnoor Development Organization Regtd” in Tehsil “Pahar Pur” of District “Dera Ismail Khan”.

    PDF report: http://www.durabledevelopment.com/appec/wp-content/uploads/ALNOOR-DEVELOPMENT-ORGONIZATION-TEHSIL-PAHAR-PUR1-report.1.pdf

    Relief updates as received by Malik Muhammad Umer HAYAT (volunteer 7 in above list)

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: [APPEC] Expenditrues Flood Victims Bhakkar (Villages On Sind River Bank)
    Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 21:48:41 +0200
    From: Malik Muhammad Umer HAYAT <...>
    Reply-To: appec@googlegroups.com
    To: appec@googlegroups.com

    Assalamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmat Allah

    Here are details of expenditures in first Phase Rs 69600 in Bhakkar (Villages). The total families benefited are 100. In this regard Muhammad Khizar Hayat (my elder brother), was provided this sum of amount and all the expenses as well as aid has been provided through him.


    Muhammad Umer HAYAT

  10. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    Dear friends,

    This is the project completion notification for Flood Relief Efforts (Phases I-VI). With the generous support received from all over the world, APPEC was able to raise a handsome figure of 42,826 Euro. The details can be tracked via following link:http://www.durabledevelopment.com/appec/category/success-stories/

    The project was carried out in six different phases that are summarized below:

    Phase I: EUR 5459/=
    major source: Regular APPEC donors

    Phase II: EUR 3360/=
    major source: Fund raising in Finland by Finish Pakistani Friendship Organization (FPFO)

    Phase III: EUR 10,000/=
    major source: Fund raising in mosques in Orléans, France

    Phase IV: EUR 6990 + 11707
    major source: Fund raising in mosques during Eid-ul-Fitar in FranceÂ

    Phase V: EUR 2392/=
    major source: Fund raising in universities in France

    Phase VI: EUR 2918/=
    major source: Fund raising in Kaiserslautern, Germany

    APPEC would like to extend gratitude to everyone for generous donations and selfless efforts. Despite the collection of such a huge amount, the project would have remained in vain without the tiring efforts of Signalianz and JAWAN teams who actually took responsibility of executing field operations in the flood afflicted areas. They deserve real appreciation who made possible the dispersal of relief items to the victims.

    Besides the monetary help, APPEC was also able to ship relief items (tents, cloths, nutriments, medicines, …) to Pakistan in multiple sessions, where consignees were APPEC/Signalianz/JAWAN teams and AAJ TV fund relief programs. The free of cost transport for these shipments was realized by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

    Special thanks to the key people in APPEC management for streamlining the delivery of relief items from France to Pakistan, for managing funds and tracking the end to end transactions, and all distinguished members of APPEC for their fruitful brain-storming added to the success of the project.

    We would like to request your continue support in future. Please think of joining APPEC and take part in the success of the Post-Flood Relief Operations that we are planning to kick-off very soon.

    Please also have a look on our running projects, especially the thalassimia project for bone-marrow transplantation of a 3yr old that needs an immediate attention for your near-future donations.

    Yours sincerely,
    Dr. Muzammil Shahbaz
    General Secretary APPEC

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