Complementary donation campaign (liver transplant of Mr.Sajjad Hussain)

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Liver Transplant of Mr.Sajjad Hussain (A primary school teacher in Azad Kashmir Pakistan).

Upon receiving a call for donations on (email Titled: Help needed for a School Teacher, Dated: 28.02.2010), the APPEC members have decided to launch a complementary donation campaign for this cause. An excerpt from this email (below), summarizes this project:

Dear Friends,

… As most of you will be aware of the fact that the Hepatitis C is spreading in Pakistan very rapidly and currently there are thousands of people who are suffering from this cruel diseases.  The treatment of this disease is crucial and costly so most of the poor people don’t afford this treatment.

Unfortunately one friend of mine (Mr. Sajjad Hussain ) who is a primary school teacher in a government school in Azad Kashmir got this virus some years ago. Due to poor financial conditions he had not treated the disease well in time. Now doctors declared that he has to transplant his liver. This facility is not available in Pakistan.   Dr. Asad  one of our friend in Germany told me that this treatment casts 30000 to 40000 Euro in Germany. He advised me to confirm the treatment cast from China. Fortunately there are several people from Pakistan Meteorological Department who are doing MS in China. I requested my  friend and colleague Mr. Tahir Khan (Deputy Director in Pakistan Met Department) to get an estimate of the   treatment cast in China. He gave three different prices offered by three different hospitals. This are 200000 RMB , 300000RMB and 400000RMB. Please remember  1RMB is approx. 8-9 Pak Rupees. Thus the treatment cast is almost Rs. 2000000 to 4000000 (20 Laks to 40 laks). You all know that for a primary teacher it is impossible to arrange such a huge amount of money.  So what he can do? wait for death.

He has three children. The elder one is 9 years old and is in class 5. Today when I told him the true situation about the treatment, how he responded I can’t express those feelings in words. He knows that I am a student in Germany and I cannot help him alot. I can give him 1,2,3 or 4 hundered euros and after this you all understand.

He has some amount in hand and needs some more. He is also seeking for government help but you know in our country poor people cannot be benefited from government resources. These resources are only for rich people and corrupt politicians …

Sajjad Saeed
Ph.D Scholar,
International Max Planck Research School on Earth System Modeling (IMPRS-ESM)
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology,
Bundestrasse 53, 20146 Hamburg, Germany.

The target is set to a total of €3,000 (approx. Rs.350,000) by APPEC (total cost for the liver transplant is 3000,000-4000,000 PKR) . APPEC aims at stream lining a maximum number of contributions for collecting this sum. Initially,we are not setting any hard deadlines for the campaign but the contributions should ideally be made on urgent basis in order to achieve the target ASAP.

Donations could be made through methods detailed at

Alhamdulilah, 61 individuals have contributed a total of EUR 2720.58/=.
(Dated: 23rd of April 2010)

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact, to confirm if your donation could be accommodated.


Phase-II of the project:

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  1. mmluqman Post author

    Alhamdulilah, the campaign is getting momentum and we are receiving a very encouraging response. One of our friends and an important contributor to this campaign (MR. WS from Germany) has raised some very important points:

    >This is a good cause. For the sake of transparency, it would be
    >helpful if the following issues are also clarified.
    >- Are you in touch with Mr. Hussain and, if so, how?
    >- How will the money be transmitted to him?
    >- If, God forbid, the money cannot be raised in time, what will become
    >of the contributions already collected?
    >I could not find these clarifications on your website. Providing such
    >will, in my opinion, lend more credibility to your initiative.

    Jazak’Allah and thanks to our brother for his valuable remarks, our response follows:

    – Actually, APPEC is running this campaign as complementary to the main donation campaign by Mr.Sajjad Saeed (PhD scholar in Germany) and his friends. We are in continuous communication with Sajjad Saeed, who personally knows Mr.Sajjad Hussain.

    -Initially APPEC has aimed to collect and contribute 10% of the total cost of treatment. The other donation campaigns coordinated by Sajjad Saeed and the efforts for seeking government help would hopefully (and insha’Allah) result in achieving the target. Otherwise APPEC will have to re-vote to find a way to possibly continue this campaign. In any case, the collected amount would be forwarded to Mr.Sajjad Saeed (who is coordinating the whole donation campaign), to be transacted for the treatment of Mr.Sajjad Hussain.

    -This donation campaign is for liver transplant of Mr.Sajjad Hussain and the money would, wholly and solely, be expended for this purpose. In any dare circumstances APPEC would be bound to seek the permission of every individual contributor before taking any decision (we always keep archives for the contact details of the individuals who participate in our campaigns).

    Thanks again brother and you are most welcome to raise any further queries; we consider this our obligation to share all possible information about APPEC projects. May Allah help us to keep things simple and transparent (ameen sum ameen).

    Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman
    On behalf of APPEC

  2. APPEC

    A wealth of information shared by Kashif …

    De: Kashif Bashir (soulsrebellious[at]
    À: NUST Alumni
    Envoyé le: Dim 21 mars 2010, 7h 45min 02s
    Objet: Re: Call for donations (Urgent: Help a Pakistani teacher for liver transplant)

    AoA Waqqas,
    Please guide the individual regarding following important information about liver transplant :-
    Where is he planning to get the liver transplant? This is very important as different destinations have different implications…

  3. mmluqman Post author

    Alhamdulilah, Pakistan German Cultural and Welfare Association has contributed 980 euros, directly, to Mr. Sajjad Hussain.

    Jazak’Allah khair.

  4. mmluqman Post author

    Donations could also be made directly to bank account of Mr.Sajjad Hussain in Pakistan.

    Name of Account holder: Sajjad Hussain
    Account Number: 18806-8
    Bank Name: National Bank Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir Pakistan.

  5. mmluqman Post author

    Humayoun, thanks for your interest in this project. Yes, as of today i.e. 12th of April 2010, the project is open for donations and zakat contributions.

    For APPEC
    Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman

    P.S. Please do not forget to drop an email to with your name, city, amount and remarks. This information is very important for APPEC to keep its archives updated and for keeping the donors informed with updates on the project.

  6. Muhammad Muzzamil Luqman Post author

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Information regarding Mr. Sajjad Hussain
    Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2010 18:26:26 +0500
    From: Sajjad Saeed
    To: Muzzamil Luqman

    Dear …,


    This email is for your information regarding the Liver transplant patient Mr. Sajjad Hussain. Since Mr. Sajjad was seeking help from government of Azad Kashmir for his transplant, today I talked with Mr. Sajjad to know the latest situation. He told me that the medical board of Azad Kashmir asked him for again consultation with some Specialist in MH (Military Hospital) Rawalpindi. Before this he was under examination in PIMS Islamabad. He visited a Brigadier Doctor in MH who examined him and gave him some medicines for one month and asked him that he can make a decision after one month. So after one month he will have to go through all tests again and will see what the Doctor is deciding.

    Unfortunately he is feeling very weakness but you know our system, how it works for poor people. A man dies (or a woman is rapped and suicides) and after that some media persons with some Minister/CM go there and will make some photographs and will say we are with this poor family……………

    If you or any other APPEC member would like to contact Mr. Sajjad, his telephone number is …

    This email is for your kind information,

    With best regards

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