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Help an ailing poor woman

By | 22/12/2013

Project ID: APPEC-2013-12-22 Proposed by: Dr. Ijaz Haider Naqvi, Assistant Professor, LUMS, Lahore. Contact: ijaz haider naqvi[at the rate]gmail[dot]com, Summary I would like to request APPEC donors to help a  poor wife of a Driver named Muhammad Sabir. She recently delivered a baby girl (in house through a maid) which triggered an infection and high… Read More »

Help a poor student to pay his tuition fee

By | 24/11/2013

Project ID: APPEC-2013-11-24 Proposed by: Dr. Muhammad Asam Riaz, Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, University College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha. Contact: asam.riaz[at the rate]uos[dot]edu[dot]pk, Cell. No. 0333-6629095 Account no: 04230013205901 (HBL, University Branch, Sargodha) (Account ID: Muhammad Asam Riaz S/O Muhammad Riaz Summary I would like to request APPEC donors to help a poor… Read More »

Call for donations for helping an ailing cancer patient

By | 02/10/2013

Project ID: APPEC-2013-10-02 Proposed by: APPEC Location: Islamabad, Pakistan Direct Contact:[@]gmail dot com or  contact[@]appec.durabledevelopment dot com This is a call regarding the financial support of Ms. Raheela. Ms. Raheela, a mother of two young girls and a housewife from Karachi, has  been diagnosed with cancer (critical level). Her husband, Sohail Ahmed, is the… Read More »

Help a son to save the life of his ailing mother

By | 01/08/2012

Project ID: APPEC-2012-08-01 Proposed by: Dr. Syed Shahkar Kakakhail Location: Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan Contact:  +92-332-9572189 Summary: Mother of Mr. Asif Ali is suffering from the lungs and liver cancer. She has already consulted Shaukat Khanum, Nori Hospital, PIMS etc. However, Shaukat Khanum refused to entertain the lungs cancer patient, while Nori Hospital put her on a long waiting queue. Considering her  condition  and long waiting queue Dr. Faheem (Head of Oncology Department, Nori Hospital)… Read More »

Help building the home of a poor family devastated by the floods

By | 24/06/2012

Project ID: APPEC-2012-06-24 Proposed by: Dr. Muhammad Nauman Qureshi. Location: Dir, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Contact: mnaumanqureshi[at][gmail].com / +92-322-2442586 Summary: This call concern my apartment’s guard working in Karachi. His home in Dir was devastated by flood in 2010. Since then his family is living in tents. His family is composed of parents, his wife and three children. Last winter they… Read More »

Help A 8 Year Old Kid Suffering From Septal Defect (Hole In The Heart) [Canceled]

By | 06/02/2012

Project ID: APPEC-2012-02-06 Proposed by: Dr. Kashif MEHMOOD, Karachi Location: Karachi Contact: kashifm[@]yahoo{dot}com, +92-322-2007433 Summary: The boy was born with a Septal Defect (hole in the heart) and has to go through an urgent surgery at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH). The boy is the youngest among the four kids of the father who recently… Read More »

Help Saving a Child Life Suffering from Myelomeningocele

By | 12/12/2011

Project ID: APPEC-2011-12-12 Proposed by: Sabawoon, Irfan ullah Electrical Engg. Mardan KPK Location: Sakhakot Malakand, KPK, Pakistan Direct Contact: irfan.ullah952[@],[@] (Jasim ali advocate 92-300-9025127,   92-333-8720600 & 92-932-310-477) SUMMARY: Mr.Bilal Khan s/o Khalid Khan a resident of Sakhakot Malakand KPK Pakistan had a myelomeningocele(Patient Pictures) on his back which was operated by doctors. However his… Read More »

Financial support for the surgery of a disabled person suffering from life threatening pressure sores

By | 01/09/2011

Project ID: APPEC-2011-08-30 Proposed by: Dr. Ahmed Jawad QURESHI Location: Multan, Punjab, Pakistan Direct Contact: shafiuddin[@], jawad.qureshi[@] SUMMARY: A bed-ridden disabled person is struggling against life threatening stage-IV pressure sores. He  urgently needs your financial support  for the life saving surgery. INITIAL TARGET: 3000 €, to be disbursed for critical primary surgeries and  hospitalization. DETAILS: Please donate generously for… Read More »