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The member is PhD in Software Engineering and currently working in UK.

144. Helping a widow and her children to build their shelter

By | 02/03/2019

Project ID: APPEC-2019-03-02 APPEC Project Number: 144APPEC Point person: Dr. Abdul MajidLocation: Kabirwala Distt, KhanewalContact: 0092 3126918313Estimated Funds needed: 1500 Euros Summary Skeena bibi is a widow having 6 children, 2 sons and 4 daughters, facing severe financial problems. She works as a maid in houses and her eldest son, 18, is a labourer earning daily… Read More »

129. Call for help for a 5 year old neuro patient

By | 21/04/2018

Project ID: APPEC-2018-04-20 APPEC Project Number: 129 APPEC Point person: Dr. Muzammil Shahbaz Proposed by: Zakirullah Subhani (Director Subhani School of Islamic and modern studies) Location: Mingora, Swat Contact: Estimated Funds needed: 1000 euros Summary Maham, 5 year old girl fell off the stairs and endured brain injuries. Due to skull rupture, the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaked causing infection. She is now… Read More »

114. Help a poor student from Zhob, Balochistan

By | 13/03/2017

Project ID: APPEC-2017-03-13 APPEC Point person: Muzammil Shahbaz Proposed by: Dr. Afzal Khan (Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Peshawar) Location: Zhob, Pakistan Direct Contact: , Cell. No. 0344-414 98 79 Summary A poor student from district Zhob, Balochistan is studying in the 1st semester of BS-Electronics (4-years) at the University of Peshawar. His father is a farmer, cultivating… Read More »

113. Help a poor student of BS (Agri) at BZU Multan

By | 30/12/2016

Project ID: APPEC-2016-12-30 APPEC Point person: Muzammil Shahbaz Proposed by: Dr. Nauman Qureshi Location: Multan, Pakistan Direct Contact: mnaumanqureshi at Summary An undergraduate student of BS Agriculture at the Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Multan is struggling to complete his last three semesters due to financial constraints. His father has passed away and the family is now dependent on… Read More »

112. Help a poor student to complete his degree

By | 25/10/2016

Project ID: APPEC-2016-10-25 APPEC Point person: Muzammil Shahbaz Proposed by: Sabawoon Welfare Foundation Location: Peshawar, Pakistan Direct Contact:[@] – +92-300-9025127, +92-333-8720600, +92-932-310-477 Summary An undergraduate student at the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar is in dire need of funds to complete his last semester. He has already fallen behind in dues for the last two… Read More »

Helping a needful to set up a push cart business

By | 08/06/2016

Project ID: APPEC-2016-06-08 Proposed by: Dr. Nauman Qureshi Contact: mnaumanqureshi[at][gmail].com / +92-322-2442586 Location: Sheringal, Dir, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Summary This call is for helping Mr. Zareen to setup a tea/juice/ice cream stall either in Peshawar or Mardan (Not very far from his hometown Sheringal). Mr. Zareen had been working as gatekeeper in Karachi. He had problems in family in his… Read More »

Buying a motor bike for a disabled person

By | 05/01/2016

Project ID: APPEC-2016-01-04 Proposed by: Dr. Nauman Qureshi Contact: Summary: In a small village of District Muzaffarghar, Muhammad A damaged his leg due to Polio in childhood. His earnings comes from a shop annexed to his house. Due to disability, he faces extreme difficulty in conducting business activities, like transporting goods from the wholesale market etc., for his… Read More »

Help a poor student to complete his degree

By | 28/10/2015

Project ID: APPEC-2015-10-28 Proposed by: Sabawoon Welfare Foundation Location: Sakhakot Malakand, KPK, Pakistan Direct Contact:[@] – +92-300-9025127, +92-333-8720600, +92-932-310-477 Summary Muhammad S is a student of bachelors of Computer Science at the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar . In the second semester of a 4 year program, which is ending in 2018; he is… Read More »

Help for a 3 year old for Cochlear Implant

By | 07/05/2015

Project ID: APPEC-2015-05-06 Proposed by: Dr. Muzammil Shahbaz Location: Lahore Direct Contact: +92 321 4011 531 (Pakistan), +44 7543364745 (UK) Email: muzammil [dot] shahbaz [at] Summary: Yashfa, 3, suffered fatal head injuries in an accident a year ago that resulted in total hearing loss. The doctors declared the damage of both of her cochlea: the auditory portion of… Read More »