143. Helping an accidented person to recover from Coma

By | 25/02/2019

143. Helping an accidented person to recover from Coma

Project ID: APPEC-2019-02-25

APPEC Project Number: 143
APPEC Point person: Muhammad Khan Niazi
Location: Bhowana Chiniot
Contact: 0092 345 8838728
Estimated Funds needed: 600 euros


Ijaz Hussain, 26, a mazda driver was earning monthly income of 14,000 PKR. He got an accident in Oct 2018 and got seriously injured and went into a state of unconsciousness. He remained in Coma for several weeks. Doctors suggested an operation for VP shunts. It costed 1,80,000 PKR. They have to take loan for this operation. He is recovering well after this operation. They need half amount (90,000 PKR) from APPEC to return loan. Please help this poor family to start a new life.

Donations Eligibility:
This project is ELIGIBLE to receive Zakat.

How to donate?
You can send your donations to APPEC’s bank account in France, APPEC’s bank account in UK, APPEC’s bank account in Pakistan or APPEC’s Paypal account.
Please click here for your donations and drop an e-mail to treasurers.appec@gmail.com with your name and amount donated.

Current status of total funds:

EUR 00.00 (update: 12-04-2019) (Funds released: EUR 571.35)

EUR 571.35 (update: 12-04-2019)

EUR 410.00 (update: 09-04-2019)

EUR 210.00 (update: 05-04-2019)

EUR 110.00 (update: 28-03-2019)

EUR 10.00 (update: 10-03-2019)

EUR 00.00 (update: 25-02-2019)

Funds released: EUR 571.35

Funds remaining with APPEC: NIL

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact treasurers.appec@gmail.com, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

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