138. Construction of a bridge in remote area to connect to road

By | 19/11/2018

138. Construction of a bridge in remote area to connect to road

Project ID: APPEC-2018-11-20

APPEC Project Number: 138
APPEC Point person: Dr. Adnan Khan Niazi

Proposed by: Dr. Muhammad Arshad
Location: Chak No. 121, Tehsil Yazman, Bahawalpur
Contact: 0092 343 688 3510
Estimated Funds needed: 1200 euros


Chak # 121 DNB in Tehsil Yazman and district Bahawalpur is the area where most people live below the poverty line. They don’t have electricity and almost everyone hardly earns enough money to support their family. This particular region is surrounded by a canal from one side. Other side of canal has road, albeit damaged one, but still people can use it if they want to go anywhere. Currently, if people need to go anywhere, they need to cross the canal in order to get to other side to move on with their daily life. Crossing canal particularly when it has flowing water and during winter becomes really difficult particularly for women and children. If this bridge is built, this will make hundreds of people’s life easier.

Canal width is 27 ft and bridge length will be 33 ft. The bridge width will be 6 ft and it will be sufficient for bikes, motor rakshaw, small cars and carts. However it will not be able to support tractors and other such vehicles. The estimated cost is about 1.5 to 2 lakh. A similar bridge was constructed by another person in area, Mr. Qaiser (Qaiser Iron store 0092 300 8685372) for their own purpose on same canal a few km from that location.

Therefore, this project is unique in a way that this will facilitate hundreds of people whereas most of other projects are intended for one person or one family only, So, this will be a great sadaq-e-jaria.

Donations Eligibility:
This project is NOT eligible to receive Zakat.

How to donate?
You can send your donations to APPEC’s bank account in France, APPEC’s bank account in UK, APPEC’s bank account in Pakistan or APPEC’s Paypal account.
Please click here for your donations and drop an e-mail to treasurers.appec@gmail.com with your name and amount donated.

Current status of total funds:

EUR 00.00 (update: 09-07-2019) (Funds released: EUR 613.12 + PKR 51223)

EUR 613.12 + PKR 51223 (update: 09-07-2019)

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EUR 391.34 + PKR 20100 (update: 23-03-2019, Transfer from UK account rate: 1.13430233)

EUR 380+ GBP 10 + PKR 20100 (update: 10-03-2019)

EUR 330+ PKR 20100 (update: 17-02-2019)

EUR 200.00 + PKR 20100 (update: 05-01-2018)

EUR 00.00 (update: 19-11-2018)

Funds released: EUR 613.12 + PKR 51223

Funds remaining with APPEC: NIL

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact treasurers.appec@gmail.com, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

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