135. Helping a widow to pay house rent

By | 08/09/2018

135. Helping a widow to pay house rent

Project ID: APPEC-2018-09-09

APPEC Project Number: 135
APPEC Point person: Dr. Adnan Khan Niazi
Proposed by: Dr. Adnan Khan Niazi
Location: Laloo khait, Karachi
Contact: 0092 343 6883510 (Adnan)
Estimated Funds needed: 250 euros


Husband of Irum Naz was died about 2 years ago. She has 3 kids. Elder is about 7 years old. As they did love marriage, so both families are not accepting her and not helping her. She is trying to find a job. She has to pay 4 months rent (30,000 PKR) otherwise her land lord will throw her luggage out of the house.

Please contribute to help this poor family.

Donations Eligibility:
This project is ELIGIBLE to receive Zakat.

How to donate?
You can send your donations to APPEC’s bank account in France, APPEC’s bank account in UK, APPEC’s bank account in Pakistan or APPEC’s Paypal account.
Please click here for your donations and drop an e-mail to treasurers.appec@gmail.com with your name and amount donated.

Please note that APPEC has CHANGED ITS FRENCH BANK ACCOUNT since 10th July 2017. Before transferring your donation please ensure that you are using the correct details as given herePlease contact treasurers.appec@gmail.com for all your questions.

Current status of total funds:

EUR 00.00 (update: 21-11-2018)(EUR 250 released)

EUR 250.00 (update: 07-10-2018)

EUR 310.00 (update: 07-10-2018) (EUR 60.00 moved to Project No. 123)

EUR 200.00 (update: 22-09-2018)

EUR 50.00 (update: 20-09-2018)

EUR 00.00 (update: 08-09-2018)

This project is no more open for donations. BEFORE DONATING, please contact treasurers.appec@gmail.com, to confirm if your donation could actually be accommodated.

EUR 250 released

Funds remaining with APPEC: Nil

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